When I began blogging and wrote Puz’s adoption story, I never imagined I would write a tribute to her a few short months later. Puzzle, Puz for short, was our sweet and gentle pet, and she was part of the family. For any who may have missed out on her adoption story, please read it here.

A few weeks ago, Puzzle went to the vet for routine vaccinations on a Saturday morning. She came home, and everything seemed normal. By Monday afternoon, she was slightly favoring her right, back leg. Tuesday night, she was crying and obviously in some sort of pain. By Wednesday morning, she suddenly had rear-end paralysis and was dragging the back part of her body and hind legs. She was absolutely pitiful.

A trip to the vet left us with a lot of unanswered questions. The doctor thought she had a problem with her spine but was really unsure what was wrong or what caused the problem. She was given a pain shot and three different medications. The vet advised us to keep an eye on her and limit her walking/dragging.

By that evening, it was clear that Puzzle had lost her ability to control where she went to the restroom. We moved her to the car port to prevent any accidents in the laundry room, and thankfully, it wasn’t too cold at the time. She continued her medication for two weeks. We slowly saw some improvement in her walking, but she was still unsteady, and the vet saw no improvement in her reflexes.

After a week off the medication, and no real change in her behavior, the vet said the only option was sending her away for an MRI. Unfortunately, that was not a financial option for our family. Putting her to sleep was a very hard decision but necessary because no pet should suffer in her condition.

We spent time with her outside on her last day. I fed her tons of treats, and she was happy! That evening she went to doggie heaven. We miss her very much, and we will always have a very special place in our hearts for dear Puz.