Organization 101 Why I Have A Desk

Paper piles… piles of mail… pens and pencils… receipts… bills… address labels…printer cartridges…packing tape and paperclips…reading glasses… The list of items could go on and on! We all have items such as this somewhere in our houses. Do you know where they are located, or would a search be required?

I have a desk. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just an older, used desk that I repainted, and actually, it needs a new coat of paint soon! That’s on my to-do list! Maybe I will write a DIY post later about that project! Why do I have a desk? Well, I use it a lot, and it’s really useful to me!

My laptop and printer live on the top of my desk. They definitely need a good home, so even if I used my desk for no other reason, this one is good enough! My little desk has eight drawers of various sizes, and these drawers hold all kinds of things that I don’t want in piles all over my house!

What do you do with your mail when you bring it inside from the mailbox? Do you throw it on the kitchen table or couch, or even worse, in a pile in the corner? Has your paper trail overtaken a bedroom? Ouch! A desk is a great place to hold your mail. You can even devote a specific drawer to mail, or better yet, go through your mail immediately when you bring it inside so you can trash or shred what isn’t needed and file the rest.

A desk is also a great place to write out bills, prepare greeting cards, or hold miscellaneous office supply items. Next time you begin to wrap that birthday gift and can’t find the wrapping tape, remember my little desk, and think about how you can make your life easier by organizing your space! You will be glad you did! By the way, sometimes, my desk gets out of hand, and I have to organize it too! Work never stops, and there is always plenty to do, maybe just not what I want to do at the time! We all have those moments, and that’s when we just push through and complete the job!