Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (6)

I’m not a professional gardener or decorator by any stretch of the imagination (ha ha), but I do enjoy pretending! My grandparents are gardeners, and some of my great-grandparents were true farmers, so I guess I could say gardening is in my family heritage. I have experimented with different plants over the last few years, and the ones featured in this post are some of my favorite. Enjoy!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (7)

Confederate Rose: My husband brought this plant home during the spring. It was half dead, but had the prospect of living if I took care of it, so I have worked with it all summer and kept it watered. Amazingly, it will have blooms soon! Now I need to plant it in the ground before it gets too cold. And, unfortunately I need to spray it with some aphid spray. My grandmother pointed out that it had aphid eggs on it. This plant is a work in progress!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (8)

Castle Mix: I planted this annual during the summer. It started to die, so I plucked up what was remaining. Then, suddenly, it is growing again. Weird but interesting!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (9)

Last year, one of my piano students brought this wreath as a gift. I love the way it looks on my little outdoor patio table.

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (2)

I finally bought my pumpkins! The long stems are my favorites!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (11)

Vinca: This plant is thriving! I have had a lot of success with this flowering plant in the past, and I love the deep purple blooms on this one in particular! Vinca comes in several different colors. This is an annual, so once frost comes, I’ll have to say “goodbye.”

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (12)

Rose Bushes: This is the first growing season for these two bushes. I have just let them grow and haven’t pruned them at all. When it gets cold and the leaves start to fall off, I will cut them back to the ground, and they will have a fresh start next year.

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (1)

Dianthus: This is a perennial plant, and the flower is a carnation. The leaves and blooms are beautiful, and I wish it would bloom even more!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (3)

Pansies: Every home needs some pansies! These are hardy, cold weather plants, so when everything else dies, hopefully these will stay alive.

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (5)

Succulent: This is my mystery plant. I know it is a succulent of some sort, but I don’t know the exact name of it. If you know the name, please write me a message in the comments!

Fall Gardening and Outdoor Decor (10)

I hope you have enjoyed my outdoor tour! It’s simple and nothing fancy, but helping things grow and making things look pretty bring me much happiness! How have you decorated outside for fall? List your ideas in the comments!

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