Have you ever had a rough day? I’m sure you have because it happens to all of us! What if after a rough day or an especially tiring day, you walk to your mailbox and find a handwritten note from a friend who lives in another state? No, it’s not your birthday or any other special day. Your friend just wanted to send you a cheery greeting! Would you fall over from shock? I mean, don’t we live in a fast-paced, no- time-for-others world?

Mailing cards is happening rarely these days and is a sadly forgotten art! So, what kinds of cards are great for mailing? Keep reading!

  1. Thank-You Notes

If you don’t send any other cards, please write hand-written thank-you notes. Sending an email or a text is not sufficient. Write the note with your pen! If you live close-by the person you are thanking, personally handing the note to him or her is appropriate. There are times when an email, text, or message is appropriate, but think before you take the easy way out!

  1. Sympathy Cards

When someone loses a loved one, a hand-written card means the world! Finding an appropriate card and signing your name is easy, but including a Bible verse or encouraging word is a special blessing.

  1. Get Well Cards

These cards are appropriate for simple illnesses like colds or surgeries and even long-term illnesses. A get well card is a quick pick-me-up for those suffering from a broken limb, and it goes a long way helping those facing long-term illness know they are not forgotten.

  1. Birthday Cards

Send these to family, friends, church family and anyone else you love. Everyone enjoys receiving a birthday card on that special day!

  1. Thinking of You/ Encouragement Cards

Sometimes we all just need a word of encouragement. Life is not always full of roses. There are thorns, so send a card, and be a rose amidst the thorns!

  1. Homemade Cards from Children

Just the other day, we sent a homemade get well card to Grampa. These are simple to make. Gather the crayons, construction paper, printer paper, stickers, and scissors and you’re set!

  1. Graduation/Wedding/Baby Shower Cards

If you receive invitations to special events, attend the event if you are able. Otherwise, send a card and a gift if it fits in your budget. Affording a gift for all special invitations you receive may not be a possibility, so use your wise judgment in this area.

  1. Seasonal Cards

Christmas cards are popular to send, but you may want to change things up and send New Year’s or Valentine’s Day cards. These are especially great if you don’t mail those Christmas cards out in time! Thanksgiving cards are also a nice option for close family and friends!

Maybe finances are tight and you don’t have any extra money to buy cards for others. Believe me, I know cards are expensive these days! Some of them are five or more dollars, and most people don’t save them for souvenirs! (I try to purge my saved cards regularly!) Dollar stores generally have cards for fifty cents or one dollar. If you look carefully, you will find what you want for a cheaper price. Procrastinating and purchasing a quick card at a high dollar price will ruin your card budget!

We all live busy lives. I’m not perfect at sending cards, but it is a task that I consider important, and I try to follow this practice regularly. Try sending a card this week! Chances are, you will brighten someone’s day and give yourself a boost of “feel good happiness” by doing something nice for another!