Routines for Toddlers Part 1Certain aspects of mothering come naturally, and some things take more thought, practice, and experimenting. I have a high energy little boy. He loves action and has tons of personality. Our days are much happier and profitable when we follow certain routines. Organization and order make me really happy, and sometimes flexibility is difficult for me when something doesn’t work out according to the plan. Welcome to the world of wild toddlers!

Each person has unique responsibilities and goals, so my routine may not work for you. Just think about what you have to juggle in your own life, and begin your plan from there. Do you work outside the home? Do you have multiple children? Does your husband have a crazy work schedule?

Start with one simple routine that you can do every day, and build more and more routines into your schedule. And don’t be afraid to change up the routine. Some days, the routine will not happen at all, but make following through with the routine your goal!

My Morning Routine

  1. Change little man’s diaper.

  2. Read a story while he eats breakfast and drinks milk.

  3. Listen to music for baby music class.

  4. Brush his teeth, comb his hair, and wash his face while listening to music.

  5. Lil’ man looks at picture books while listening to music.

  6. Take him for a ride in the wagon outside or have floor playtime.

Having a basic routine for normal days is a huge plus for us! And the quality time spent together is priceless! Happy Times!!!! Do you follow a routine in the mornings? List your tips in the comments! Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will write about nap time routines!