Believe it or not, I own a dog, and she lives in the laundry room… nowhere else in the house! She loves her place of security, and she also likes to play outside, so it is a good arrangement! I like dogs, but I never really planned to own a dog. We had two dogs for very short periods of time when I was growing up, but they just didn’t work out for our family. The first puppy bit my brother in the face, and the second dog (a beautiful chocolate lab) was destroying the neighbor’s landscaping, so my family gave him away to another family.

A few years ago an abandoned dog showed up at church. She literally lived in the bushes for about a week. She looked hungry and had some scarring from either dog fights or a car accident. She was a pretty dog but really needed some TLC. One thing I liked about her was her friendliness and gentle spirit.

On Saturday, my husband and I were on our way to run some errands. We stopped by the church, and there she was… looking all pitiful, lonely, and hungry. I suppose I had a terribly weak moment, but I felt so sorry for her that I wanted to take her home right then. We decided to buy her some food while we were out. That purchase turned into food, bowls, collar, leash, toy, etc.

We finished our errands and went back to the church to pick her up, but she was gone. We thought, “Oh well, at least we tried!” To our surprise, she showed up the next morning for Sunday school! After the church service, we went home to change clothes and promptly returned to retrieve her. She was so excited to go home with us!

My mother begged us not to keep her because we didn’t know her history, and she even offered to buy us a puppy! We took the little dog to the vet expecting some terrible diagnosis, but she checked out just fine…no heartworms or problems.  So… there we were, standing in the vet’s office, trying to figure out what to name this creature!

Since we didn’t know anything about her former life, we named her Puzzle. Most of the time we call her Puz for short, and little man calls her Puh! She is our mystery dog and has become one of the family. On the ninth of September, let’s all wish Puz a Happy Adoption Day!