Who loves to do laundry? Probably not most people! Laundry doesn’t have to be such a daunting task if the plan of attack is well thought out! For most of our married life, my husband and I have taken our dirty clothes to one or two laundry hampers in the laundry area and just dropped them in. But, not long ago I realized this just wasn’t working anymore!

When my little guy was born, I recognized he needed his own special container for dirty laundry. It didn’t seem appropriate to put all his sweet little clothes in the same baskets with all the adult clothes, so I placed a plastic container on top of the dryer to hold his clothes. That worked okay for a while, but then he had more and more laundry, so I added another smaller container. Well soon enough, his laundry was mounding out of control in the laundry room!!! I knew something had to be done because I don’t like clutter!

I began by purchasing a laundry sorter with four sections. This worked temporarily to organize mommy and daddy’s clothes, but I still had the mounding baskets of baby clothes! So, I decided to purchase another laundry sorter! My laundry room now has a laundry sorter with four sections, a laundry sorter with three sections, and one plastic basket for things like bath towels and sheets. And, oh yes, I still have a small plastic container for kitchen towels! I sold my huge ironing board at a yard sale because one of the laundry sorters has a built-in ironing board! Hurray for less clutter! And we don’t iron much anyway!

When it’s time to wash, all I do is take the clothes from one of the sections and throw them in the washer! My laundry is sorted from the time it is taken to the laundry room! By the way, if you purchase a laundry sorter, use it to organize your laundry loads. Don’t just randomly fill up the bags! Have separate sections for however you like to organize your wash loads. I don’t recommend washing whites with reds unless you want pinks!

Here are three tangible tips!

  • Organize your laundry space in a way that meets the needs of your family.
  • Always take your dirty laundry to the laundry area after a shower or after changing clothes. Don’t just throw your dirty clothes on a chair. That is a great way for laundry to get out of hand really quickly!!!
  • Wash, dry, and put away one or two loads of clothes every day.

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